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Laser root canal therapy

Compassionate care is available to residents in and around Mayfield Village at Cleveland Center for Integrative Dentistry. Fear and anxiety that often accompany root canal therapy may be diminished or completely eliminated. By integrating the use of a technologically-advanced laser into root canal therapy, we are able to ensure a procedure free of pain or discomfort. This is how we make a root canal into a positive experience for a patient.

Is there really a difference with a laser root canal?

Laser Root Canal Therapy Mayfield Village - Laser root canal therapy
To begin with, we believe in educating patients on the specifics of their treatment plans, and the impact such treatment can have on their oral and overall health. If root canal therapy is performed, biological principles are applied to treatment, as with all of the services we offer. This involves the use of products and materials that integrate well with the body’s own natural functions and systems. Such areas where this is relevant is the ozone therapy we use to eradicate harmful bacteria in the oral environment, and the careful selection of materials used to seal the canal. Laser root canal therapy offers the most preservation of healthy tooth structure. It also assists in the preparation of precise and pristine treatment sites. The laser in essence serves to melt away the debris that has built up – the bacteria and infection that has invaded the pulp area of a tooth. With this state-of-the art therapy, a root canal is able to be performed faster and with a significant reduction in discomfort.

Comfortable dental care and the latest technologies.

Renew your thinking on dental care by becoming a patient of CCID. Free yourself from dread and fear, and choose the latest in technologies. Combine these elements with high-quality care and service designed to meet your dental care needs. With regular dental exams and cleanings, we can help you avoid many complex issues. Despite the best care, sometimes restorative services will still be required. That’s when you’ll be especially happy that you’ve chosen to become a patient of CCID. Focusing on your individual needs, and with your overall health as our priority, you can expect the most positive outcomes.

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