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The doctors and staff at Cleveland Center for Integrative Dentistry operate on the principles of holistic or biologic dentistry. We are concerned with the overall wellness of the people who make up our community, rather than solely focusing on oral health issues. Our practice is designed to offer a truly integrative approach, working with other holistic healthcare providers in order to help our patients achieve the highest level of whole-body health. The health and wellness, or lack thereof, in one body area or system does not exist independent of the others. We believe in the connection between dental health, illness, immune health, and nutrition, and the impact of each on the other. Patients can expect the procedures and materials that we utilize at CCID to integrate naturally with the body. We also choose the least invasive avenues of treatment that are considered safe, yet still effective.

We believe in establishing open communication with our patients in order to provide them with education and understanding regarding their conditions, along with their treatment options. Our care is backed by the extensive experience of our providers, and assisted by the use of the latest high-tech equipment. We value the input of our patients regarding their care. We are inviting and accepting of anything that our patients wish to discuss with us.

In addition to operating a respected dental practice in Mayfield Village, OH, we also take our compassionate care and services to areas where dental care is not as easily accessible. We believe that our success is based on giving back to our community and to others. We participate in many local charities throughout the year. These organizations include the Give Back a Smile program, organized by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. We also provide services to restore beautiful and healthy smiles for victims of domestic violence. We support the Children with Diabetes event by providing supplies, and the Children International Village for Kids through program exchange. Our scope even extends internationally, where we have committed to treat underprivileged children and adults in the Dominican Republic.

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(216) 777-8844
845 Som Center Road
Mayfield Village, OH 44143
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What Our Patients Say

I am so happy I found this center! I started seeing Dr. Pastouk in September 2016. I am a patient at Cle Clinic functional medicine and was referred to him through my doctor, Dr. Bergman. I have been chronically sick with mold toxicity and CIRS (inflammatory response syndrome) and have had severe head/facial/ear/lymph node pain for about 3 years. Dr. Pastouk recommended we try ozone therapy in my sinuses to help relieve the pain/to alleviate tmj pain and after the first treatment I could already feel an incredible relief in my ears. The crackling and pain has subsided and I have less food sensitivities. No treatment has helped in the past until ozone!! I am so hopeful and finally feel like I am healing. Dr. Pastouk and his team are incredibly caring and inviting and I am so pleased with the care I've been given! He spends a lot of time with his patients and really wants to see them well. I highly recommend a consult with him!
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