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Laser Dentistry Mayfield Village - Laser dentistry Dr. Vladimir Pastouk at the Cleveland Center for Integrative Dentistry is committed to providing the latest and most advanced technologies available in the field of dentistry. This is accomplished in many ways, including the introduction of the Solea Dental Laser for both hard and soft tissue applications. Solea is one of the newest lasers approved by the FDA, and is effective for use in diverse treatment situations. With this technology, a decayed tooth can be prepared for a filling without the need for numbing injections. That means no needle and no pain fillings!

This dental laser produces heat energy in the form of an extremely fine beam of laser light, which can be precisely targeted to a treatment area. Settings and techniques can be adjusted, which allow effective treatment of teeth and bone, as well as soft tissues. This unique laser can be used for cutting, vaporizing tissue, gum shaping, gingivectomy, frenectomy, and cosmetic applications. Many of these procedures require no anesthesia, making treatment quick and painless, with a reduction or elimination of both bleeding and swelling. This quiet device, without the noise of a dental drill, provides a more relaxed environment for treatment. It results in a pleasant experience for the patient.

The preciseness offered by the Solea Dental Laser allows for preservation of more natural, healthy tissue, with less disturbance to gums, teeth, or bone. The laser is also effective in reducing and removing bacteria from the oral environment, which contributes to healthier outcomes. Smooth surfaces mean less opportunity for debris and bacteria to gather, which can result in fewer issues in the future. This smooth surface preparation also provides an ideal situation for bonding applications.

Patients throughout the Cleveland area, the state of Ohio, and across the country seek out the holistic dental practice of CCID located in Mayfield Village. Experience attentive and custom-designed services from knowledgeable, compassionate staff. Enjoy the benefits of efficient yet gentle care, such as no needle/no pain fillings. Once you’ve realized what we have to offer you as a patient, including more comfort with laser dentistry services, we are confident that you’ll choose us to be your dental home for a healthy and beautiful future.

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