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Metal-free Implants

Metal-Free Dental Implants Mayfield Village - Young Girl's Teeth At Cleveland Center for Integrative Dentistry, we provide what we believe is the ideal choice for tooth replacement currently available in modern dentistry – the dental implant. We offer this option constructed of metal-free materials, in order to improve patient outcome and reduce interaction from type of implant that is used.

What are the unique benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants are available for the replacement of one tooth, or multiple implants may provide a foundation for partial or complete dentures. The full benefits provided by implants cannot be claimed by other tooth replacement options. An implant functions in place of a tooth’s natural root. It benefits the patient by providing stimulation to the supporting bone in order to preserve more normal oral structure and inhibit deterioration. This gives a patient the most natural solution for tooth replacement. Missing teeth can also cause a shift in remaining teeth and bite alignment. This can potentially lead to complex problems, such as wear of other teeth, and problems with the jaw joint function.

What is involved for a dental implant procedure?

Implants are placed through an in-office surgical procedure in which the bone of the jaw is accessed through the gums. To deliver the most reliable implant outcome, CT technology is used to assist during this process. This allows us to choose the precise and preferred location for each implant. Following the surgical placement, a patient will be fitted with a temporary prosthetic. This provides normal function and appearance while the surgical site heals and the implant bonds with the bone. After a period of approximately three to five months, a patient will be fitted with the permanent teeth or denture. As it is designed to precise patient specifications, the restoration will provide long-term enjoyment as a beautiful and functional solution.

We can answer any questions you may have regarding safe and effective metal-free dental implants during an individual consultation. Call to schedule an appointment and allow us to share the knowledge and experience that we have gained serving patients worldwide with implant technology. Many implant services can be performed in only one day. We will make sure, however, that you are evaluated and provided with the services necessary to ensure an exceptional implant experience.

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How does one describe an exceptional experience. Dr. Pastouk really cares. He is so passionate about my teeth and my overall health. I learned so much about the link between the two. I am so glad I had my silver fillings safely removed. THE BEST EXPERIENCE!
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